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Related article: Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2003 22 29th EDT 39 From: XBeatBoxxinGenoX aol. com Subject : Substantial 3 Pedo Stories disclaimer: This story is Pedo Stories a complete work of fiction. I do not know any of the above celebrities. Do not like relationships male / male, get out right now. If you are under age, you must also leave. This story may contain adult content. Thank you. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ CHAPTER THREE ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ We stayed for a long time to kiss, when suddenly repelled me from n it. "Sorry, I can not do that. Look, I had a great time with you tonight... and I do not know what's wrong. Please forgive me. I -.. no I... I can not go please, you have to "n I understood what was happening, he was not gay. He was probably only experiments, and I was fine with him. I was very upset, because was practically threw me out the door. I knew better not to annoy, because I had been going through the same a few years ago. Ileft the door of his house, and went on his way home. I kept thought... ~ Why invite me to dinner and a clock movie if it does not interest me ? ~ He let go and went home. I I opened the door and entered my bedroom. It was still early, but I was not much to do, so I fell asleep. I slept for a long time because it was January 53 of the clock when I woke up. Pedo Stories I knew someone must have called, so I decided to read my messages. after all, my messages have been checked and cleared, I went to the kitchen. I was not hungry but my mouth was dry... So I have a can of soda from the fridge. I went to my room and turned on the TV. I threw through the channels like crazy, there was Pedo Stories nothing on TV... and I did not want to annoy Justin. Then the phone rang... * Phone rings * ~ Hello. Hat. I know it's too late and all... But I must tell you something. Please, can you come ? " ~ S- sure, Justin, I am more than a minute. ~ Am I a lot about Justin at home. It was very dark outside and I did not know which way to go. so you continue straight ahead and made ​​it his home. I went to his door and rang the doorbell rings. few seconds later, opened the door. his eyes were red and swollen, I realized I was crying. u003e from the looks of it, I was shaking too. stepped aside and let to enter his house again. Once inside, I told Justin to go to bed I am. I could say that never lost sight of me when I moved on the ground on the couch. few seconds later he returned and in the chair opposite the couch. he looked with the saddest apologetic look, his lips trembling began to open. " Geno... II.... I really do not know how to say. I am not the type of person apologized, but ummmmm,well with you........ its... different. All my life I've been so damn perfect man used to be.... always all always had to go my way... to me, that I lose everything, he realized. my friends.... my family..... and now....... well.... You. " ~ Justin.... What ?........ Wait a second? ME !..... What do you mean.... I? out me the house.... and honestly.. it hurt a lot of damage.... wrong. ~ " I know, I know, I know........ we do not understand..... Not used to do this... this is all new tuh... " Justin was interrupted by Geno. ~ Do you understand ? How to understand? I went through exactly the same Your cycle runs now.... and it was difficult to me because I had nobody.. up.... no one to talk, listen... and I kept things bottled in bottles of in me for a while.... lonnnnggggg and just wanted to explode ! I could not stand it, I could not ! ~ "n Geno.... pleaseee..... Today, more exciting... No need to get this right now ! " Geno gets up, withJustin backwards. ~Friend! I'm not mad ! When I got excited, then I would... ~ lips Genos is stopped by the lips soft and rounded Justin. The Kiss was passionate, and he knew that Geno was not angry with this guy. You quit from each other and do not lose sight of each other 's eyes. " This is what I wanted to say.... " ~ Justin.... I - I.... ~ " shhhhhhhh not say anything.... let me explain..... If I threw home, I realized I made a big mistake, a mistake that could change my future. Geno.... I'm starting to discover more and more of what I ' m n.............. and so I'm in love with you. " n With that, Geno made ​​his move, and wrapped his arms around the back of Justin. started kissing passionately, and their tongues were fighting for love. Geno Justin began again to hit the couch and lay down slowly on top eachtoher.... never leave sight of each other.... eachothers handle..... eachothers love. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ THE END OF CHAPTER THREE ~ * ~ * ~ * ~Thank Yall Pedo Stories fer my reaction. and special thanks to my co -author and partner in crime... Jeremy! He wrote the best half the story. lol. yall yur Sendim keep in my mind. Thank you !
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